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Co-founder, security and FEA director. Successfully applies 12 years of experience in the field of information and cyber security.

Head of division for foreign investors and partners.

More than 3 years experience as a personal financial consultant of a dedicated group of clients, over 500 consultations on financial planning and investment strategies during this time.

He masterfully combines existing knowledge and experience with constant self-development and profound study of new financial tools and financial markets trends.

Regarding any new investment areas, he makes informed decisions after careful and profound analysis only.


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Founder and key architect of Finsovetnik.

Starting in 2013, he has been studying the multi-vector nature of financial markets and has gained practical experience using various investment tools.

During this period, he held 416 training events and master classes on personal finance, investment, development of financial markets and the future digital economy, the 3D economics.

Starting as a ordinary financial consultant in a financial consulting company, he has held over 1,000 personal consultations with clients on personal financial plan and investment strategies.

As investor, he was twice a complete bankrupt. Finally, it was this experience that enabled him to feel the financial markets trends and shortly recover his money lost.


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Co-founder of Finsovetnik. Sales Director. More than 6 years of investment experience, working for different financial consulting and investment companies, more than 700 private and collegial consultations for more than 100 successful investors.

He makes a serious study of financial markets trends, constantly improves his competence by attending training programs. He has number of own methods and author’s practical trainings on financial literacy and leadership, both for practicing investors and for teenagers.

The goal achievement is determined by the level of financial results, showing all practical uses of the right financial investment.


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A vivid example of rapid growth in the financial consulting business. During one year and a half, he held more than 300 personal consultations, more than 50 public speeches on investment and personal finance management, including charitable ones, advisor to more than 60 private investors.

The author of the course “TIME = MONEY” directed on the financial culture improvement, co-author of the 7-hour intensive course “Beginning of the Era of the Digital Economy” for private investors.

Responsible for the strategic development of Finsovetnik.

Analyst. Inclined to analyze structure details, working principle of complicated systems, collect and analyze information from various sources and predict the course of events. Has ability to explain complecated things in a simple way.


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