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Development of the Information Base of the Bitbon System

26 April 2019

While preparing for the launch of Consensus building mining, the specialists of Simcord Company continue to develop new terms and definitions of the Bitbon System in order to provide the Bitbon System Users with an opportunity to correctly understand the main mechanisms and principles that operate within the Bitbon System. Thus, we have created and published the following terms: Right to the right, Bitbon System Entities, Mining in the Bitbon System and Space ID.

According to the development stages of the Bitbon System, as part of the preparation for the launch of Contributing, a number of terms were developed and introduced: Register of Unique Digital Copies of Assets, Register of Digitized Value Units, Register of Digital Asset Protocols, Register of Digital Assets, IBO Register, as well as Business plan of the project, Project White Paper, Project One Pager and Project Abstract.

These terms illustrate not only wide opportunities of the Bitbon System, but also an unlimited potential of using the distributed ledger technology while moving into the new digital economy using the Bitbon System.

Also, the terms SFO, APG, EFO were removed and the definitions for the following terms were updated: IBO Certificate, Masterbox, Bitbon System Miner and Mining Fund, which is a result of a constant development of the Bitbon System infrastructure by Simcord.