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Digital Asset in the Economic and Legal Aspects

4 June 2019

Simcord Company pays special attention to its own developments, following not only the vision of future trends, but also the principles of optimization and adaptation of technologies, which ensure that the products and services created by the Company operate in the legal field with maximum efficiency.

We have done a tremendous job before we were able to formulate and present to the world the definition of the term “Digital Asset”, which fully reveals its essence and significance in the emerging information economy:

Digital Asset means an information resource derivative of the right to a value and circulating in the distributed ledger in the form of a unique identifier.

The term “Digital Asset” and its definition are the key to understanding the purpose of the Bitbon System, as well as the nature of Bitbon and other Digital Assets of the Bitbon System:

Bitbon System Digital Asset means an information resource derivative of the right to a value, which has undergone the digitization procedure, and circulating in the Bitbon System in the form of a unique identifier based on the Digital Asset Protocol.

In addition, we are confident that the term “Digital Asset” already plays a major role in the development of a more perfect economy, therefore, it is extremely important to consolidate its clear and unambiguous definition in society.

The research work carried out by the Company formed the basis for the paper “Substantiation of the Term “Digital Asset”: Economic and Legal Aspects”, written by the Director General of Simcord, Alexander Kud. You can read this paper on the official information resource of the Bitbon System by following this link.