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Global Updates of Simcord Resources

16 May 2019

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2019, Simcord plans three global updates of resources according to the implementation stages of the Bitbon System development strategy and the Company as a whole.

Update of the External Structure of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets Website

The first global update will affect the external structure of the Bit Trade Exchange website. In order to expand the functionality of services of the Exchange of Digital Assets and to provide additional opportunities not only for Customers, but also for all who are interested in the current changes on the Bit Trade Exchange, a large-scale update of the external structure of the website will be carried out on May 20.

This update will allow new Customers of the Bit Trade Exchange, who will join us with the start of Mining in the Bitbon System, to browse the provided information and learn about new features and benefits of the Exchange more easily.

A separate block on the main page of the Bit Trade Exchange provides information on the development stages of the Bitbon Space mobile app. The developers also plan to provide access to the use of APIs with the ability to connect ready-made functional solutions and to automate trading strategies in the near future.

The detailed information on all functional changes of the Bit Trade Exchange website will be available in the “News” section on the Bit Trade website on May 20.

Please note that on May 20, during the update, the Bit Trade Exchange website may be unavailable for several hours.

Update of Simcord Official Website

The second global update will be a full update of Simcord official website. Following the international corporate management standards, in order to openly and fully inform Partners and Customers about the Company’s activities, in the period from June 7 to June 15, 2019, the Company will update the Simcord website, which will include more than 20 new sections.

You can view all sections of the updated Simcord official website within the next 30 days.

Update of the Bitbon System Website — Bitbon.Space

The update of the Bitbon System official website will be the third global update this year.

The Bitbon System moves to the next stage of its development: preparation for servicing millions of Users; launch of mining; expansion of Bitbon to the global exchanges; cooperation with representatives of the business community, financial institutions, governments and public organizations; as well as development of business propositions for Bitup-Agencies and the Bitbon System Operators.

The fully updated Bitbon System website will be available in July 2019. This will allow Users and Participants of the Bitbon System to get a complete picture of the mechanisms and processes laid down into the Bitbon System.

More information about additions to the Bitbon System will be available from June 7 to June 9, 2019 in the city of Riga (Latvia) at the meeting with Partners. In July, closer to the update, the official interactive webinar will be held, where the new opportunities of the Bitbon System will be presented.