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Bit Trade Statistics Since the Start of Bitbon Open Bidding

23 July 2020

It has been a while since the start of Bitbon open bidding on November 16, 2018. Today, we can confidently state that the Bit Trade service performs its functions in full — promotes Bitbon internationally through the use of its tools by Customers and scheduled updates aimed at optimizing and expanding the range of the provided services. For instance, Bit Trade Customers have recently received an opportunity to buy and sell digital asset accounting units not only for US dollars (USD) but also for euros (EUR), Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH), Russian rubles (RUS) and Kazakhstan tenge (KZT). Moreover, with the launch of Community PoS Mining, Bit Trade offered favorable conditions for purchasing Bitbons. It helped to significantly increase the number of Bitbon System Participants, who conduct their activities in the status of miners.

We would like to show you the statistics on operation of the Bit Trade service since the start of Bitbon open bidding until July 22, 2020:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in addition to the planned update and enhancement of One Space functionality, you will have an opportunity to manage your Bitbon System account and, consequently, your Assetboxes on One Space. Therefore, Bit Trade will perform only the exchange functions. Bitbon System Users will be able to choose exchange methods from the offered exchanges and services that will interact with the Bitbon System.