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Mining: New Section on the Official Website of the Bitbon System

29 May 2020

According to the previously published information about the launch of Consensus building mining in the Bitbon System, today, the “Mining” page has been added to the official information resource of the Bitbon System, which shows the progress of building initial mining pools until June 27, 2020. We would like to inform you that the process of building initial mining pools is based on a structure formed through affiliate programs. This page also contains the documents required for successful performance of Miners and a mining countdown timer.

Additionally, we would like to note that miner’s analytical dashboard will be available on the “Mining” page with the launch of Consensus building mining, where Miners will be able to get detailed information about the mining process and all Assetboxes of the selected mining pool.

You can find the “Mining” page by following the link: https://www.bitbon.space/en/mining