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Consensus Building Mining

30 March 2020

As the launch of Consensus building mining is getting closer and closer, we clearly see the remaining steps we need to take to allow Miners to gain the maximum profit right from the start. Our team created a plan that consists of 9 main stages, each having a certain value and objective. We also understand how important the launch of mining is for our Partners, and how key it is for the development of the Bitbon System, which is why we decided to publish a short description of each of the planned stages:

1. Multi-currency Main Balance on the Bit Trade Exchange

Bit trade

In the near future, the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets will provide the ability to purchase Bitbons for one of 5 currencies: U.S. dollar (USD), Euro (EU), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), Kazakhstani tenge (KZT) and Russian ruble (RUR). Therefore, the relevant services will be connected for deposit and withdrawal of these currencies.

This will allow Users to purchase Bitbons directly for national currencies, which will decrease commissions and contribute to the promotion of the Bitbon digital asset. This approach optimizes the conditions for increasing the number of owners and the liquidity of Bitbon.

2. Preparation for the formation of mining pools

Bitbon mining pool

As the second step, the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets will provide our Partners with the ability to connect their Assetboxes to the initial mining pool in accordance with the structure based on the Affiliate Program.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the formation of social connections of the initial mining pool, the ability to carry out Bitbon transfers between the Assetboxes of Users will be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. Meanwhile, Bit Trade Trading Accounts will continue to operate as usual.

At the same time, a new page, “Mining”, will be added to the Bitbon Space website, which will provide Users with comprehensive information about mining, principles of building mining pools and the process of distributing remuneration.

Bitbon Space will also have a special timer that will update every 24 hours to display the status of forming (syncing) social connections in the mining pool in percentages. After 90% of the Assetboxes are synced with the mining pools, the remaining 10% will receive their connections automatically at Simcord Company’s discretion.

3. Registration for Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020

SIT 2020 - Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020

At this stage, a special resource will be launched, dedicated to another Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020 awaited by so many people. Online registration for the event will be available along with information on its location, time and format. Simcord takes a very responsible approach to planning and organizing every SIT event setting a trend, maintaining the high status and significance of this event for the field of research and application of the blockchain technology.

4. Design update and localization of the Bit Trade Exchange in 7 languages

Bit trade

Another important step towards the launch of Consensus building mining is the localization of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets in 7 main languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish. The elimination of the language barrier will promote the emergence of new business connections between various language groups.

Moreover, by adding the new functionality to Bit Trade related to the launch of mining, we will also partially update the design and structure of the website for a more convenient access to the main tools and services of the Exchange.

5. Test launch of One Space web

One Space

Right now we are thinking about providing our Partners (a certain number of them) with access to the closed beta testing of One Space website. In particular, the testing of a set of tools and services for creating and managing Assetboxes, as well as transferring Bitbons.

6. Launch of One Space web and update of One Space mobile

One Space

The next step will be the access to the complete management of your Assetboxes and transfers through both mobile and web versions of One Space. Which means, the Bit Trade Exchange will no longer provide such services because this functionality will “move” to One Space. Therefore, the Account on the Bit Trade Exchange will only have the Main Balance, designated in Bitbon as well, while the transfers between Bit Trade and One Space will be carried out through the interface of a special transfer service of the Bitbon System.

7. Connection of the interface of the Bitbon System’s transfer service

Bitbon System

This service will allow conducting payments and transfers from the Assetboxes of Users using multi-layer authentication and protection of personal data. In turn, this service will be proposed to other exchanges where Bitbon digital assets will be traded, as well as to business-oriented apps, as an example of integration with the Bit Trade Exchange.

This decision will expand the opportunities of Bitbon System Users to establish business connections and carry out business activity. In addition, it will be the starting point for attracting other exchanges (listing of Bitbon) and integrating the Bitbon System into the existing trading networks and methods of paying for products and services.

8. Certificate system for accounts of Bitbon System Users

One Space User Certificate

First and foremost, the certificate system was developed to create the conditions for building the most trustworthy relations between Users when using the tools and services of the Bitbon System. There is a chance to receive various types of certificates that will be assigned to an account and act as an indicator of trust towards the User.

Overall, the certificate system will contribute to active and uninterrupted development of businesses, promotion of the Bitbon System and increase in the level of trust towards digital assets in the age of building socioeconomic relations in a new way based on the blockchain technology.

9. Launch of Consensus building mining of the Bitbon System

Bitbon Mining

Finally, Consensus building mining of the Bitbon System will be officially launchedat Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020.

On that day, the “Miner’s Analytical Panel” section will become available on the Bitbon Space website, which will display any Assetbox connected to the mining pool and the table with the most important information on all Assetboxes on all the lines of this pool.

Every owner of Bitbon will be able to participate in mining and distribution of remuneration for it.

We are certain that the launch of Consensus building mining is not just a key moment in the development of the Bitbon System, it is a historic event! Because from that point on, every Bitbon System User will be able to take part in building social connections at the global level, which, in turn, will become the foundation for the biggest community in the world. A community, where trust-based relations without intermediaries are guaranteed by technologies, and all values have a reasonable price. It will be followed by a significant increase in the effectiveness of all economic, scientific and technical processes. This community will be able to change the world for the better — to build our future based on the most innovative information technologies.