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International Registration of Intellectual Property Objects

6 September 2019

Simcord Company continues to work on ensuring legal protection of its own intellectual developments and innovative products, as well as their promotion on the international level.

Activity aimed at ensuring the protection of intellectual property of the Company in Kazakhstan has resulted in the decision to grant a patent “The Method for Executing a Digital Value Transfer Transaction and the Digital Value Transfer System for Its Implementation” application number 2019/0708.2. The official document will be published in the “Legal Information” section on the website of Simcord Company in the near future.

This patent confirms the innovative approach to implementation of technological processes when transferring digital assets and establishes exceptional rights to the invention of a system for implementing the claimed method.

Additionally, the following international trademark registrations have been obtained this year:

Thus, the productive activity of the Company has led to the obtainment of 5 patents and registration of 135 trademarks in 33 countries.

The registration of intellectual property along with the software and hardware complexes developed by the specialists of Simcord guarantee the backing of the Bitbon Digital Asset and lay a solid foundation of the information platform of the Bitbon System.