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Academy of Information Economy

23 August 2019

The processes of globalization and dynamic development of information technologies have significantly changed the existing socioeconomic relations. The expansion of digital products and informatization of all fields have initiated the creation of a new economic model — information. The development of new economic models based on the Blockchain technology requires changing a number of traditional institutions, most notably transforming the existing education systems in the field of information technologies.

With the needs of the modern business community in mind, Simcord initiates the creation of the Academy of Information Economy, the purpose of which is to establish a high level of economic and legal competence in society. The official launch of the Academy of Information Economy is scheduled for 2020.

The Company’s specialists have developed an online course that consists of four modules, each containing systematized lecture and methodological materials, as well as practical tasks and tests. Every module will provide unique learning programs that have been reviewed by the members of the scientific community. The completion of the course will be the receipt of a certificate based on the performance assessment, which will confirm the high level of knowledge in the field of information economy based on the Blockchain technology.

“Fundamentals of Financial Literacy” module. The program of the module is aimed at studying the fundamentals of financial planning, principles of forming personal budget and managing it. This course is the opportunity to get relevant knowledge about financial markets and the most efficient ways of investing.

After finishing this module, you will be able to apply this knowledge to ensure your own financial stability and gain profit.

“Blockchain Technology in a Socioeconomic Aspect” module. This module is aimed at a complex studying of the Blockchain technology: from the history of its emergence and evolution to global significance of the technology in developing new socioeconomic relations.

By studying this module, you will be able to get a qualification and knowledge in the actively developing field, which will allow you to create and develop your own business under the conditions of the new market of information resources and services based on the Blockchain technology.

“Digital Asset for the Market of Information Resources and Services Based on the Blockchain Technology” module. This course will allow you to learn about all the opportunities and advantages of using digital assets, study a unique method for determining whether the features of a Blockchain token correspond to those of a digital asset and understand the importance of digital assets in economic and legal aspects in order to form trust-based business relations.

Studying this module will allow you to effectively use modern financial instruments and create new competitive business models under the conditions of development of the information economy based on the Blockchain technology.

“Bitbon System and the Real Sector of Economy” module. This module will allow you to analyze the opportunities of using the Bitbon System in all areas of public and business activities. During the course, legal analysis of the nature of the Bitbon System will be conducted and the main advantages of the Bitbon System as a modern platform for doing business using the Blockchain technology will be revealed.

By studying this module, you will form a complex idea about the mechanisms and services of the Bitbon System, which allow recording and exchanging digital assets, attracting funds and making deals, as well as conducting a digital transfer of property rights to assets. Understanding all prospects of a decentralized platform of the Bitbon System will allow you to choose the most relevant financial strategy and build an effective business under the conditions of the new information economy.

In October 2019, an event will be held in Kiev, where Simcord CEO Alexander Kud will announce the pre-start of the Academy of Information Economy.

In order to decide on the amount of participants and the venue for the event, the Company is conducting a poll.

We invite you to participate in the poll by following the link: https://forms.gle/FNHyPLkWdbPDZ2dU9