Legal information about developer

The Company’s activity corresponds to a high level of openness, transparency and security of cooperation, which confirms an open access to legal documents. The legal documents guarantee protection and wide support. Our Company follows all the rules of financial activity strictly and with great responsibility, providing its Customers with a reliable professional foundation.

Patent on a Management System for Electronic Trade of Financial Instruments
The patent acknowledges the exclusive copyright on the invention and development of a unique technology, which is a key component of the innovative system. This system foresees special rules following which you can minimize risks and increase profitability of trades with financial instruments.
Patent on the Method of Management of Property Rights to Assets and the System for Its Implementation
The patent acknowledges the exclusive right on the invention of the method of management of property rights to Assets designated in Bitbon and the system for its implementation confirming the uniqueness and reliability of the functioning of all its components implemented by using innovative software and hardware solutions.
Patent on the Method for Executing a Digital Value Transfer Transaction and the Digital Value Transfer System for Its Implementation
This patent confirms the innovative approach to the implementation of technological processes when executing a digital value transfer transaction and certifies the exclusive rights to the invention of the system for implementing the claimed method.
Patent on a Graphical User Interface of iPro Marketplace Computer Program
This document confirms the uniqueness of the developed iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform and its compliance with modern information technology solutions while creating a graphical user interface.
Registration of Simcord Trademark
Simcord Trademark is successfully registered in the world’s leading countries, and its registration procedure is still ongoing.
Registration of UBK Markets Trademark
While registering UBK Markets Trademark, a new direction in the financial Company’s activity has been opened promoting the brokerage services on an international level under the original brand.
Registration of iPro Marketplace Trademark
iPro Marketplace has been registered as a Trademark that confirmed the uniqueness of its interface, determined the highest level of confidence and demand of the financial market participants.
Registration of iPAMM Trademark
Having been registered in many European and Asian countries, iPAMM Trademark determined the promotion of the Company’s innovative products and services on a global scale.
Registration of iPA Trademark
The Registration of iPA Trademark (Intelligent Processing Algorithms) has resulted from the development of the progressive direction of activity based on the global idea of risk minimization and yield increase when trading in the world financial markets.
Logo Registration
The official registration of the Logo granted the Company the exclusive right to use it. The Logo registered in many countries worldwide increases brand awareness and allows attracting investments to develop business projects of the Company.
Registration of Bitbon Trademark
Having been registered in the USA, Europe and Asia, Bitbon Trademark provides an opportunity to introduce the advanced technologies of the Company to the world community, which facilitates the confirmation of its international status and the active brand promotion.
Logo Registration bitbon-logo
The official registration of the Bitbon Crypto Value Logo has allowed us to increase awareness of a financial instrument, which is aimed at promoting the Bitbon brand name at the international level.
Registration of Bitbon Space Trademark
The registration of Bitbon Space Trademark has allowed us to specify the uniqueness of the software product, which provides a constant access to all services of Bitbon System.
Logo Registration bitbon-logo bitbon-logo
The status of the Company rightholder guarantees an exclusive right to use the Bitbon System Logo at the legislative level, which allows drawing attention to business projects in the Bitbon System and contributes to the integration of the real sector of economy into the new digital economy and globalization of the Bitbon System as a whole.
Registration of Bitup Trademark
The registered Trademark confirms the authority of the Bitup-Agency and the legality of its services according to legal supervision of projects of the Bitbon System Public Contacts — from evaluation of its business model to its actual implementation.
Registration of Bitup-Agency Trademark
The registration of Bitup-Agency Trademark confirms the uniqueness of operating principles, rights and obligations of either party under the Projectbon Public Contract of a specific project — the Bitup-Agency, and promotes the development of an advanced cooperation model within the framework of the Bitbon System.
Registration of bit.Trade Trademark
The official registration of bit.Trade Trademark is determined by ample opportunities to use services of the Exchange of Digital Assets, which provides the Bitbon System Users with access to carry out transactions with their Bitbons and Projectbons by ensuring the direct cooperation between all Bitbon System Users as a whole.
Registration of Assetbox Trademark
Assetbox is registered as a Trademark due to its functional advantages of receiving and transferring Bitbons in the most convenient and secure way.
Registration of Contributing Trademark
The registration of Contributing Trademark establishes the Company’s absolute right to use it and determines the emergence of a completely new activity aimed at generating additional income from participation in the implementation of the selected business project under the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Public Contract of a specific project.
Registration of Contributor Trademark
The term “Contributor” registered as a Trademark, indicates the completely new capabilities and authority of the Bitbon System User in this status and allows introducing advantages of Contributing in the Bitbon System to the world community.
Registration of New Level Trademark
The registration of New Level Trademark determines the relevance and uniqueness of the Partnership Program to promote the Company’s products and services, providing stable prospects for promotion at the global level.
Registration of FxMarketWave Trademark
FxMarketWave is registered as the Trademark that certifies the Company exclusive right to use it, and is an official confirmation of the uniqueness of the software in the field of economic analysis.
Registration of Detorting Trademark
The registration of Detorting Trademark is determined by the unique features of the product — the data compression algorithm on the basis of the adaptive hash function, which allows you to achieve high efficiency of data processing with no loss of information.
Registration of Marketwork Trademark
Having been registered as Marketwork Trademark, it is the project of the social direction, which purpose is to provide a customer (company) with the quality service in various fields of activity distributed by the network of executives.

Simcord LLC. Technologies
Ukraine. OKPO 37657823 (Company ID code 37657823)

The Company’s activity is aimed at exploring the potential of the financial industry, as well as developing methods and algorithms for analyzing statistical information in the economic field. The Company’s research activity is focused on the development of software and hardware complexes to provide high-quality products and services in the financial markets as well as crypto industry. The Company complies with the international quality management standards, which is confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate, issued by the largest international organization in the field of standardization of business and technological processes.

Simcord Advanced Marketing Solutions LLP
England and Wales. Partnership No. OC389221

Promotion of products and services of Simcord using advanced marketing strategies. The Company is engaged in creating and developing multi-level Partnership Programs, developing and using effective ways of the Internet promotion, supporting and developing the chain of the Information and Training Centers, as well as carrying out advertising and PR campaigns.

Simcord Information Services SIA
Latvia. Registration No. 40103781754

The Company specializes in creating quality information services for customer support, providing consulting services, preparing and keeping related documents and accounting records of companies that are part of Simcord group of companies. The Company’s activity is focused on Customers — citizens of Western and Eastern Europe.

UBK Markets Limited
Cyprus. Registration No. HE 293861

The Company offers brokerage services in the financial market providing high-level liquidity of trading instruments. Using innovative developments, software and technical solutions of the Company, Customers receive potentially unlimited opportunities and progressive ways to multiply their own profit.

UBK Markets Belize Ltd
Belize. Registration No. 143,171

The Company is the part of Simcord group of companies and specializes in providing investment service to residents of Eastern European regions. The Company offers universal and high-quality Customer support service. The Company’s activity is also focused on active attraction of investments to increase income aimed at creating new projects and developing the business model as a whole.

Integrated ECN Limited
Cyprus. Registration No. HE 352375

The Company provides end-to-end system solutions for business development in the field of brokerage services on the basis of SaaS-model: supply of the cutting edge trading and analytical platform as well as the quality software, access to unique trading services, implementation of modern management systems, security and information processing.

Bitbon Transfer Ltd
England and Wales. Company No. 10574662

The Company provides a direct access to the international system of safe digital transfer of property rights to the assets of Simcord group of companies without intermediaries by promoting Bitbon. The Company uses various sales channels for wide distribution of Bitbon. It is an official distributor of electronic technologies of Simcord for Western European countries.

Bitbon Transfer Ltd
Hong Kong. Registration No. 2499449

It provides a direct access to the international system of safe digital transfer of property rights to the assets of Simcord group of companies without intermediaries by promoting Bitbon. The Company uses various sales channels for wide distribution of Bitbon. It is an official distributor of electronic technologies of Simcord for East Asian countries.

Information Agency “PROK”
Ukraine. EDRPOU 41484863 (Company ID code 41484863)

The company is engaged in collecting and processing information on various segments of the global economy and financial industry in order to provide the whole modern society with up-to-date information on new trends, important events and scientific achievements. Multilateral official cooperation with organizations, companies and educational institutions, as well as publication of scientific materials in authoritative professional editions — all these promote spreading progressive ideas all over the world.